IceLink 3

Quickly and easily add WebRTC-compatible peer-to-peer audio, video and data streaming into your applications.

Your application provides the user interface and signaling mechanism, while IceLink provides the media handling and peer-to-peer network communications. IceLink gives you an unprecedented level of control over the peer connections, from custom encryption modes to custom media pipelines, as well as a programmatic look into the connection quality and feedback reports, allowing you to fine-tune the user experience to be exactly what you want it to be.

IceLink provides a single cross-platform API that can be used in web applications (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge), native mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, tvOS), and native desktop applications (Windows, macOS, Linux), with out-of-the-box for cross-platform development environments like Xamarin.

With IceLink, WebRTC Anywhere becomes a reality, and you can begin developing peer-to-peer streaming applications today, regardless of the browsers or platforms involved.

Need more advanced functions such as recording, SIP, telephony, mixing, forwarding, or mass scaling? Consider upgrading to LiveSwitch for all that and much more.

IceLink, like WebRTC, is signaling-agnostic, and so it requires a separate signaling mechanism. Signaling is used to provide presence and call notifications for new peer connections, so your application can know when users or devices come online or go offline, or when a user or device wishes to start or terminate a call.

IceLink works with any signaling system capable of sending messages between clients through a central server, such as WebSync, SIP,, or any other real-time messaging system. This can get a little complicated though, so don't under-estimate it!

Need More Details?

The best way to understand how IceLink works is to download the trial version, which contains source code examples for each platform supported by IceLink. When compiled and run, the examples launch a basic audio/video conferencing system using WebSync on our servers for signaling.

Browsing through the source code will demonstrate how an application makes use of IceLink, and will provide you with a template for how you can incorporate audio/video and data streaming into your own application.