How do I add support for the H.264 codec?

To support H.264 in your UWP project you must include OpenH264 in your release artifacts, which means you will have to pay royalties to MPEG LA according to the terms of the licensing ( An OpenH264 integration library is included in the UWP SDK. To include OpenH264 directly in your project follow these steps:

  1. Download OpenH264 1.7.0 Windows libraries (Note: we currently only support 1.7.0, no other libraries will work):
  2. Uncompress the two libraries and copy to:
    1. Win32 version: lib/win_x86/openh264-1.7.0.dll
    2. Win64 version: lib/win_x64/openh264-1.7.0.dll
  3. Update your csproj file (Note: There are no OpenH264 binaries for the ARM platform so we don’t support it):
    1. Under <ItemGroup Condition="'$(Platform)' == 'x86'">
      1. <Content Include="lib\win_x86\openh264-1.7.0.dll">
    2. Under <ItemGroup Condition="'$(Platform)' == 'x64'">
      1. <Content Include="lib\win_x64\openh264-1.7.0.dll">