FMLiveSwitchClientConfig Class Reference

Client configuration. More...

Instance Methods

(NSString *) - deviceAlias
 Gets the Device Alias. More...
(NSMutableArray *) - roles
 Gets the Roles. More...
(void) - setDeviceAlias:
 Sets the Device Alias. More...
(void) - setRoles:
 Sets the Roles. More...
(void) - setTag:
 Sets the Tag. More...
(void) - setUserAlias:
 Sets the User Alias. More...
(NSString *) - tag
 Gets the Tag. More...
(NSString *) - toJson
 Serializes this instance to JSON. More...
(NSString *) - userAlias
 Gets the User Alias. More...

Class Methods

(FMLiveSwitchClientConfig *) + fromJsonWithClientConfigJson:
 Deserializes an instance from JSON. More...
(NSString *) + toJsonWithClientConfig:
 Serializes an instance to JSON. More...

Detailed Description

Client configuration.

Method Documentation

◆ deviceAlias

- (NSString*) deviceAlias

Gets the Device Alias.

◆ fromJsonWithClientConfigJson:

+ (FMLiveSwitchClientConfig*) fromJsonWithClientConfigJson: (NSString *)  clientConfigJson

Deserializes an instance from JSON.

clientConfigJsonThe JSON to deserialize.
The deserialized client config.

◆ roles

- (NSMutableArray*) roles

Gets the Roles.

◆ setDeviceAlias:

- (void) setDeviceAlias: (NSString *)  value

Sets the Device Alias.

◆ setRoles:

- (void) setRoles: (NSMutableArray *)  value

Sets the Roles.

◆ setTag:

- (void) setTag: (NSString *)  value

Sets the Tag.

◆ setUserAlias:

- (void) setUserAlias: (NSString *)  value

Sets the User Alias.

◆ tag

- (NSString*) tag

Gets the Tag.

◆ toJson

- (NSString*) toJson

Serializes this instance to JSON.

◆ toJsonWithClientConfig:

+ (NSString*) toJsonWithClientConfig: (FMLiveSwitchClientConfig *)  clientConfig

Serializes an instance to JSON.

clientConfigThe client config to serialize.
The serialized JSON.

◆ userAlias

- (NSString*) userAlias

Gets the User Alias.