FMLiveSwitchFutureBase Class Reference

Future base properties/methods. More...

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - init
(T) - result
 Gets the result if resolved. More...
(void) - setException:
 Sets the exception if rejected. More...
(void) - setResult:
 Sets the result if resolved. More...
(void) - setState:
 Sets the current state. More...
(FMLiveSwitchFutureState) - state
 Gets the current state. More...

Class Methods

(FMLiveSwitchFutureBase *) + futureBase

Protected Attributes

 __pad0__: NSObject- (NSException*) exception

Detailed Description

Future base properties/methods.

Method Documentation

◆ futureBase

+ (FMLiveSwitchFutureBase*) futureBase

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

◆ result

- T result

Gets the result if resolved.

◆ setException:

- (void) setException: (NSException *)  value

Sets the exception if rejected.

◆ setResult:

- (void) setResult: (T)  value

Sets the result if resolved.

◆ setState:

- (void) setState: (FMLiveSwitchFutureState)  value

Sets the current state.

◆ state

- (FMLiveSwitchFutureState) state

Gets the current state.

Member Data Documentation

◆ __pad0__

- __pad0__