FMLiveSwitchLayout Class Reference

A layout definition, including local and remote frame definitions. More...

Instance Methods

(NSMutableArray *) - allFrames
 Gets all frames (local and remote). More...
(int) - height
 Gets the layout height. More...
(instancetype) - init
(FMLiveSwitchLayoutFrame *) - localFrame
 Gets the local frame. More...
(FMLiveSwitchLayoutOrigin) - origin
 Gets the layout origin. More...
(NSMutableArray *) - remoteFrames
 Gets the remote frames. More...
(void) - setHeight:
 Sets the layout height. More...
(void) - setLocalFrame:
 Sets the local frame. More...
(void) - setOrigin:
 Sets the layout origin. More...
(void) - setRemoteFrames:
 Sets the remote frames. More...
(void) - setWidth:
 Sets the layout width. More...
(void) - swapFramesWithFrame1:frame2:
 Swaps the properties of two frames. More...
(void) - swapLocalFrameWithRemoteFrameIndex:
 Swaps the local frame with a remote frame. More...
(void) - swapRemoteFramesWithRemoteFrameIndex1:remoteFrameIndex2:
 Swaps two remote frames. More...
(int) - width
 Gets the layout width. More...

Class Methods

(FMLiveSwitchLayout *) + layout

Detailed Description

A layout definition, including local and remote frame definitions.

Method Documentation

◆ allFrames

- (NSMutableArray*) allFrames

Gets all frames (local and remote).

◆ height

- (int) height

Gets the layout height.

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

◆ layout

+ (FMLiveSwitchLayout*) layout

◆ localFrame

- (FMLiveSwitchLayoutFrame*) localFrame

Gets the local frame.

◆ origin

- (FMLiveSwitchLayoutOrigin) origin

Gets the layout origin.

◆ remoteFrames

- (NSMutableArray*) remoteFrames

Gets the remote frames.

◆ setHeight:

- (void) setHeight: (int)  value

Sets the layout height.

◆ setLocalFrame:

- (void) setLocalFrame: (FMLiveSwitchLayoutFrame *)  value

Sets the local frame.

◆ setOrigin:

- (void) setOrigin: (FMLiveSwitchLayoutOrigin)  value

Sets the layout origin.

◆ setRemoteFrames:

- (void) setRemoteFrames: (NSMutableArray *)  value

Sets the remote frames.

◆ setWidth:

- (void) setWidth: (int)  value

Sets the layout width.

◆ swapFramesWithFrame1:frame2:

- (void) swapFramesWithFrame1: (FMLiveSwitchLayoutFrame *)  frame1
frame2: (FMLiveSwitchLayoutFrame *)  frame2 

Swaps the properties of two frames.

frame1The first frame.
frame2The second frame.

◆ swapLocalFrameWithRemoteFrameIndex:

- (void) swapLocalFrameWithRemoteFrameIndex: (int)  remoteFrameIndex

Swaps the local frame with a remote frame.

remoteFrameIndexThe index of the remote frame.

◆ swapRemoteFramesWithRemoteFrameIndex1:remoteFrameIndex2:

- (void) swapRemoteFramesWithRemoteFrameIndex1: (int)  remoteFrameIndex1
remoteFrameIndex2: (int)  remoteFrameIndex2 

Swaps two remote frames.

remoteFrameIndex1The index of the first remote frame.
remoteFrameIndex2The index of the second remote frame.

◆ width

- (int) width

Gets the layout width.