FMLiveSwitchManagedAutoResetEvent Class Reference

Managed AutoResetEvent. More...

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - init
 Creates a new instance. More...
(void) - set
 Signal to release all threads. More...
(void) - waitOne
 Blocks until signalled. More...
(bool) - waitOneWithMillisecondsTimeout:
 Blocks until signalled or until timeout. More...

Class Methods

(FMLiveSwitchManagedAutoResetEvent *) + managedAutoResetEvent
 Creates a new instance. More...

Detailed Description

Managed AutoResetEvent.

Method Documentation

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

Creates a new instance.

◆ managedAutoResetEvent

+ (FMLiveSwitchManagedAutoResetEvent*) managedAutoResetEvent

Creates a new instance.

◆ set

- (void) set

Signal to release all threads.

◆ waitOne

- (void) waitOne

Blocks until signalled.

◆ waitOneWithMillisecondsTimeout:

- (bool) waitOneWithMillisecondsTimeout: (int)  millisecondsTimeout

Blocks until signalled or until timeout.

millisecondsTimeoutLength of time to block for (in ms).