FMLiveSwitchMediaSinkStats Class Reference

Media sink stats. More...

Instance Methods

(void) - deserializePropertiesWithKey:valueJson:
 Deserializes the properties. More...
(instancetype) - init
(FMLiveSwitchFormatInfo *) - inputFormat
 Gets the input format. More...
(bool) - isEquivalentWithInstance:
 Checks if a source is equivalent to this one. More...
(NSString *) - label
 Gets the label. More...
(bool) - muted
 Gets the muted flag. More...
(NSString *) - outputId
 Gets the output identifier. More...
(NSString *) - outputName
 Gets the output name. More...
(void) - serializePropertiesWithJsonObject:
 Serializes the properties. More...
(void) - setInputFormat:
 Sets the input format. More...
(void) - setLabel:
 Sets the label. More...
(void) - setMuted:
 Sets the muted flag. More...
(void) - setOutputId:
 Sets the output identifier. More...
(void) - setOutputName:
 Sets the output name. More...
(void) - setTag:
 Sets the tag. More...
(NSString *) - tag
 Gets the tag. More...
(NSString *) - toJson
 Serializes this instance to JSON. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from FMLiveSwitchBaseStats
(NSString *) - id
 Gets the identifier of the object generating these stats. More...
(NSDate *) - timestamp
 Gets the timestamp when these stats were generated. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from <FMLiveSwitchIEquivalent>
(bool) - isEquivalentWithInstance:
 Checks if an instance is equivalent to this one. More...

Class Methods

(NSMutableArray *) + fromJsonArrayWithArrayJson:
 Deserializes an array from JSON. More...
(FMLiveSwitchMediaSinkStats *) + fromJsonWithInstanceJson:
 Deserializes an instance from JSON. More...
(FMLiveSwitchMediaSinkStats *) + mediaSinkStats
(NSString *) + toJsonArray:
 Serializes an array to JSON. More...
(NSString *) + toJsonWithInstance:
 Serializes an instance to JSON. More...
- Class Methods inherited from FMLiveSwitchBaseStats
(FMLiveSwitchBaseStats *) + baseStats

Detailed Description

Media sink stats.

Method Documentation

◆ deserializePropertiesWithKey:valueJson:

- (void) deserializePropertiesWithKey: (NSString *)  key
valueJson: (NSString *)  valueJson 

Deserializes the properties.

keyThe key.
valueJsonThe value in JSON format.

Implements FMLiveSwitchBaseStats.

◆ fromJsonArrayWithArrayJson:

+ (NSMutableArray*) fromJsonArrayWithArrayJson: (NSString *)  arrayJson

Deserializes an array from JSON.

arrayJsonThe serialized JSON.
The deserialized array.

◆ fromJsonWithInstanceJson:

+ (FMLiveSwitchMediaSinkStats*) fromJsonWithInstanceJson: (NSString *)  instanceJson

Deserializes an instance from JSON.

instanceJsonThe serialized JSON.
The deserialized instance.

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

Implements FMLiveSwitchBaseStats.

◆ inputFormat

- (FMLiveSwitchFormatInfo*) inputFormat

Gets the input format.

◆ isEquivalentWithInstance:

- (bool) isEquivalentWithInstance: (FMLiveSwitchMediaSinkStats *)  instance

Checks if a source is equivalent to this one.

instanceThe source.

◆ label

- (NSString*) label

Gets the label.

◆ mediaSinkStats

+ (FMLiveSwitchMediaSinkStats*) mediaSinkStats

◆ muted

- (bool) muted

Gets the muted flag.

◆ outputId

- (NSString*) outputId

Gets the output identifier.

◆ outputName

- (NSString*) outputName

Gets the output name.

◆ serializePropertiesWithJsonObject:

- (void) serializePropertiesWithJsonObject: (NSMutableDictionary< NSString *, NSString * > *)  jsonObject

Serializes the properties.

jsonObjectThe JSON object.

Implements FMLiveSwitchBaseStats.

◆ setInputFormat:

- (void) setInputFormat: (FMLiveSwitchFormatInfo *)  value

Sets the input format.

◆ setLabel:

- (void) setLabel: (NSString *)  value

Sets the label.

◆ setMuted:

- (void) setMuted: (bool)  value

Sets the muted flag.

◆ setOutputId:

- (void) setOutputId: (NSString *)  value

Sets the output identifier.

◆ setOutputName:

- (void) setOutputName: (NSString *)  value

Sets the output name.

◆ setTag:

- (void) setTag: (NSString *)  value

Sets the tag.

◆ tag

- (NSString*) tag

Gets the tag.

◆ toJson

- (NSString*) toJson

Serializes this instance to JSON.

◆ toJsonArray:

+ (NSString*) toJsonArray: (NSMutableArray *)  array

Serializes an array to JSON.

arrayThe array to serialize.
The serialized JSON.

◆ toJsonWithInstance:

+ (NSString*) toJsonWithInstance: (FMLiveSwitchMediaSinkStats *)  instance

Serializes an instance to JSON.

instanceThe instance to serialize.
Serialized JSON.