FMLiveSwitchMediaStats Class Reference

Media stats. More...

Instance Methods

(void) - deserializePropertiesWithKey:valueJson:
 Deserializes the properties. More...
(FMLiveSwitchMediaTrackStats *) - getTrackWithTrackId:
 Gets a track by its identifier. More...
(instancetype) - init
(void) - serializePropertiesWithJsonObject:
 Serializes the properties. More...
(NSString *) - toJson
 Serializes this to JSON. More...
(FMLiveSwitchMediaTrackStats *) - track
 Gets the first track's stats. More...
(NSMutableArray *) - tracks
 Gets the tracks' stats. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from FMLiveSwitchBaseStats
(NSString *) - id
 Gets the identifier of the object generating these stats. More...
(NSDate *) - timestamp
 Gets the timestamp when these stats were generated. More...

Class Methods

(FMLiveSwitchMediaStats *) + fromJsonWithMediaJson:
 Derializes media stats from JSON. More...
(FMLiveSwitchMediaStats *) + mediaStats
(NSString *) + toJsonWithMedia:
 Serializes media stats to JSON. More...
- Class Methods inherited from FMLiveSwitchBaseStats
(FMLiveSwitchBaseStats *) + baseStats

Detailed Description

Media stats.

Method Documentation

◆ deserializePropertiesWithKey:valueJson:

- (void) deserializePropertiesWithKey: (NSString *)  key
valueJson: (NSString *)  valueJson 

Deserializes the properties.

keyThe key.
valueJsonThe value in JSON format.

Implements FMLiveSwitchBaseStats.

◆ fromJsonWithMediaJson:

+ (FMLiveSwitchMediaStats*) fromJsonWithMediaJson: (NSString *)  mediaJson

Derializes media stats from JSON.

mediaJsonThe media's stats JSON.

◆ getTrackWithTrackId:

- (FMLiveSwitchMediaTrackStats*) getTrackWithTrackId: (NSString *)  trackId

Gets a track by its identifier.

trackIdThe track identifier.

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

Implements FMLiveSwitchBaseStats.

◆ mediaStats

+ (FMLiveSwitchMediaStats*) mediaStats

◆ serializePropertiesWithJsonObject:

- (void) serializePropertiesWithJsonObject: (NSMutableDictionary< NSString *, NSString * > *)  jsonObject

Serializes the properties.

jsonObjectThe JSON object.

Implements FMLiveSwitchBaseStats.

◆ toJson

- (NSString*) toJson

Serializes this to JSON.

◆ toJsonWithMedia:

+ (NSString*) toJsonWithMedia: (FMLiveSwitchMediaStats *)  media

Serializes media stats to JSON.

mediaThe media's stats.

◆ track

Gets the first track's stats.

◆ tracks

- (NSMutableArray*) tracks

Gets the tracks' stats.