FMLiveSwitchSdpRtcpFeedbackAttributeType Class Reference

A feedback attribute type. More...

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - init

Class Methods

(NSString *) + ack
 Gets the "positive acknowledgement" type. More...
(NSString *) + app
 Gets the application-defined type. More...
(NSString *) + ccm
 Gets the "codec control message" type. More...
(FMLiveSwitchSdpRtcpFeedbackAttributeType *) + feedbackAttributeType
(NSString *) + nack
 Gets the "negative acknowledgement" type. More...
(NSString *) + remb
 Gets the "receiver estimated maximum bitrate" type. More...
(NSString *) + transportCC
 Gets the "transport congestion control" type. More...

Detailed Description

A feedback attribute type.

Method Documentation

◆ ack

+ (NSString*) ack

Gets the "positive acknowledgement" type.

◆ app

+ (NSString*) app

Gets the application-defined type.

◆ ccm

+ (NSString*) ccm

Gets the "codec control message" type.

◆ feedbackAttributeType

+ (FMLiveSwitchSdpRtcpFeedbackAttributeType*) feedbackAttributeType

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

◆ nack

+ (NSString*) nack

Gets the "negative acknowledgement" type.

◆ remb

+ (NSString*) remb

Gets the "receiver estimated maximum bitrate" type.

◆ transportCC

+ (NSString*) transportCC

Gets the "transport congestion control" type.