FMLiveSwitchVp9Utility Class Reference

Utility methods. More...

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - init

Class Methods

(int) + deriveHeightWithBuffer:
 Derives the height. More...
(int) + deriveWidthWithBuffer:
 Derives the width. More...
(bool) + isKeyFrameWithBuffer:
 Determines whether the buffer holds a keyframe. More...
(FMLiveSwitchVp9Utility *) + utility

Detailed Description

Utility methods.

Method Documentation

◆ deriveHeightWithBuffer:

+ (int) deriveHeightWithBuffer: (FMLiveSwitchDataBuffer *)  buffer

Derives the height.

bufferThe buffer.

◆ deriveWidthWithBuffer:

+ (int) deriveWidthWithBuffer: (FMLiveSwitchDataBuffer *)  buffer

Derives the width.

bufferThe buffer.

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

◆ isKeyFrameWithBuffer:

+ (bool) isKeyFrameWithBuffer: (FMLiveSwitchDataBuffer *)  buffer

Determines whether the buffer holds a keyframe.

bufferThe buffer.

◆ utility

+ (FMLiveSwitchVp9Utility*) utility