fm.liveswitch.EventBatch Class Reference

An event batch. More...

Public Member Functions

 EventBatch ()
fm.liveswitch.EventInfo[] getEvents ()
 Gets the events. More...
void setEvents (fm.liveswitch.EventInfo[] value)
 Sets the events. More...
String toJson ()
 Serializes this instance to JSON. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static fm.liveswitch.EventBatch fromJson (String instanceJson)
 Deserializes an instance from JSON. More...
static String toJson (fm.liveswitch.EventBatch instance)
 Serializes an instance to JSON. More...

Protected Member Functions

void deserializeProperty (String key, String valueJson)
 Deserializes the property. More...
void serializeProperties (java.util.HashMap< String, String > jsonObject)
 Serializes the properties. More...

Detailed Description

An event batch.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EventBatch()

fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.EventBatch ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ deserializeProperty()

void fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.deserializeProperty ( String  key,
String  valueJson 

Deserializes the property.

keyThe key.
valueJsonThe value in JSON format.

◆ fromJson()

static fm.liveswitch.EventBatch fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.fromJson ( String  instanceJson)

Deserializes an instance from JSON.

◆ getEvents()

fm.liveswitch.EventInfo [] fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.getEvents ( )

Gets the events.

◆ serializeProperties()

void fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.serializeProperties ( java.util.HashMap< String, String >  jsonObject)

Serializes the properties.

jsonObjectThe JSON object.

◆ setEvents()

void fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.setEvents ( fm.liveswitch.EventInfo[]  value)

Sets the events.

◆ toJson() [1/2]

String fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.toJson ( )

Serializes this instance to JSON.

◆ toJson() [2/2]

static String fm.liveswitch.EventBatch.toJson ( fm.liveswitch.EventBatch  instance)

Serializes an instance to JSON.