fm.liveswitch.FutureBase< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

Future base properties/methods. More...

Public Member Functions

java.lang.Exception getException ()
 Gets the exception if rejected. More...
getResult ()
 Gets the result if resolved. More...
fm.liveswitch.FutureState getState ()
 Gets the current state. More...

Protected Member Functions

 FutureBase ()
void setException (java.lang.Exception value)
 Sets the exception if rejected. More...
void setResult (T value)
 Sets the result if resolved. More...
void setState (fm.liveswitch.FutureState value)
 Sets the current state. More...

Detailed Description

Future base properties/methods.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FutureBase()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getException()

java.lang.Exception fm.liveswitch.FutureBase< T >.getException ( )

Gets the exception if rejected.

◆ getResult()

T fm.liveswitch.FutureBase< T >.getResult ( )

Gets the result if resolved.

◆ getState()

Gets the current state.

◆ setException()

void fm.liveswitch.FutureBase< T >.setException ( java.lang.Exception  value)

Sets the exception if rejected.

◆ setResult()

void fm.liveswitch.FutureBase< T >.setResult ( value)

Sets the result if resolved.

◆ setState()

void fm.liveswitch.FutureBase< T >.setState ( fm.liveswitch.FutureState  value)

Sets the current state.