fm.liveswitch.Layout Class Reference

A layout definition, including local and remote frame definitions. More...

Public Member Functions

fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame[] getAllFrames ()
 Gets all frames (local and remote). More...
int getHeight ()
 Gets the layout height. More...
fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame getLocalFrame ()
 Gets the local frame. More...
fm.liveswitch.LayoutOrigin getOrigin ()
 Gets the layout origin. More...
fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame[] getRemoteFrames ()
 Gets the remote frames. More...
int getWidth ()
 Gets the layout width. More...
 Layout ()
void setHeight (int value)
 Sets the layout height. More...
void setLocalFrame (fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame value)
 Sets the local frame. More...
void setOrigin (fm.liveswitch.LayoutOrigin value)
 Sets the layout origin. More...
void setRemoteFrames (fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame[] value)
 Sets the remote frames. More...
void setWidth (int value)
 Sets the layout width. More...
void swapFrames (fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame frame1, fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame frame2)
 Swaps the properties of two frames. More...
void swapLocalFrame (int remoteFrameIndex)
 Swaps the local frame with a remote frame. More...
void swapRemoteFrames (int remoteFrameIndex1, int remoteFrameIndex2)
 Swaps two remote frames. More...

Detailed Description

A layout definition, including local and remote frame definitions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Layout()

fm.liveswitch.Layout.Layout ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAllFrames()

fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame [] fm.liveswitch.Layout.getAllFrames ( )

Gets all frames (local and remote).

◆ getHeight()

int fm.liveswitch.Layout.getHeight ( )

Gets the layout height.

◆ getLocalFrame()

fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame fm.liveswitch.Layout.getLocalFrame ( )

Gets the local frame.

◆ getOrigin()

fm.liveswitch.LayoutOrigin fm.liveswitch.Layout.getOrigin ( )

Gets the layout origin.

◆ getRemoteFrames()

fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame [] fm.liveswitch.Layout.getRemoteFrames ( )

Gets the remote frames.

◆ getWidth()

int fm.liveswitch.Layout.getWidth ( )

Gets the layout width.

◆ setHeight()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.setHeight ( int  value)

Sets the layout height.

◆ setLocalFrame()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.setLocalFrame ( fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame  value)

Sets the local frame.

◆ setOrigin()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.setOrigin ( fm.liveswitch.LayoutOrigin  value)

Sets the layout origin.

◆ setRemoteFrames()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.setRemoteFrames ( fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame[]  value)

Sets the remote frames.

◆ setWidth()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.setWidth ( int  value)

Sets the layout width.

◆ swapFrames()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.swapFrames ( fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame  frame1,
fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame  frame2 

Swaps the properties of two frames.

frame1The first frame.
frame2The second frame.

◆ swapLocalFrame()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.swapLocalFrame ( int  remoteFrameIndex)

Swaps the local frame with a remote frame.

remoteFrameIndexThe index of the remote frame.

◆ swapRemoteFrames()

void fm.liveswitch.Layout.swapRemoteFrames ( int  remoteFrameIndex1,
int  remoteFrameIndex2 

Swaps two remote frames.

remoteFrameIndex1The index of the first remote frame.
remoteFrameIndex2The index of the second remote frame.