fm.liveswitch.SourceInput Class Reference

A source input (e.g. More...

Public Member Functions

String getId ()
 Gets the identifier. More...
String getName ()
 Gets the name. More...
void setId (String value)
 Sets the identifier. More...
void setName (String value)
 Sets the name. More...
 SourceInput (String idValue, String name)
 Initializes a new instance of the fm.liveswitch.SourceInput class. More...
String toJson ()
 Serializes this instance to JSON. More...
String toString ()
 Returns a string that represents this instance. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static fm.liveswitch.SourceInput fromJson (String sourceInputJson)
 Deserializes an instance from JSON. More...
static fm.liveswitch.SourceInput[] fromJsonArray (String sourceInputsJson)
 Deserializes an instance array from JSON. More...
static String toJson (fm.liveswitch.SourceInput sourceInput)
 Serializes an instance to JSON. More...
static String toJsonArray (fm.liveswitch.SourceInput[] sourceInputs)
 Serializes an instance array to JSON. More...

Detailed Description

A source input (e.g.

device, track, screen).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SourceInput()

fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.SourceInput ( String  idValue,
String  name 

Initializes a new instance of the fm.liveswitch.SourceInput class.

idValueThe identifier.
nameThe name.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromJson()

static fm.liveswitch.SourceInput fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.fromJson ( String  sourceInputJson)

Deserializes an instance from JSON.

sourceInputJsonThe source input JSON.

◆ fromJsonArray()

static fm.liveswitch.SourceInput [] fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.fromJsonArray ( String  sourceInputsJson)

Deserializes an instance array from JSON.

sourceInputsJsonThe source inputs JSON.

◆ getId()

String fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.getId ( )

Gets the identifier.

◆ getName()

String fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.getName ( )

Gets the name.

◆ setId()

void fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.setId ( String  value)

Sets the identifier.

◆ setName()

void fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.setName ( String  value)

Sets the name.

◆ toJson() [1/2]

String fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.toJson ( )

Serializes this instance to JSON.

◆ toJson() [2/2]

static String fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.toJson ( fm.liveswitch.SourceInput  sourceInput)

Serializes an instance to JSON.

sourceInputThe source input.

◆ toJsonArray()

static String fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.toJsonArray ( fm.liveswitch.SourceInput[]  sourceInputs)

Serializes an instance array to JSON.

sourceInputsThe source inputs.

◆ toString()

String fm.liveswitch.SourceInput.toString ( )

Returns a string that represents this instance.

A string that represents this instance.