fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion Class Reference

A video layout region. More...

Public Member Functions

fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame getBounds ()
 Gets the bounds. More...
String getClientId ()
 Gets the client identifier. More...
String getClientProtocol ()
 Gets the client protocol. More...
String[] getClientRoles ()
 Gets the client roles. More...
String getClientTag ()
 Gets the client tag. More...
String getConnectionId ()
 Gets the connection identifier. More...
String getConnectionTag ()
 Gets the connection tag. More...
String getConnectionType ()
 Gets the connection type. More...
String getDeviceAlias ()
 Gets the device alias. More...
String getDeviceId ()
 Gets the device identifier. More...
fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame getFrame ()
 Gets the frame. More...
String getUserAlias ()
 Gets the user alias. More...
String getUserId ()
 Gets the user identifier. More...
 VideoLayoutRegion (fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame frame, fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame bounds, String userId, String userAlias, String deviceId, String deviceAlias, String clientId, String clientTag, String[] clientRoles, String clientProtocol, String connectionId, String connectionTag, String connectionType)
 Initializes a new instance of the fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion class. More...

Detailed Description

A video layout region.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VideoLayoutRegion()

fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.VideoLayoutRegion ( fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame  frame,
fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame  bounds,
String  userId,
String  userAlias,
String  deviceId,
String  deviceAlias,
String  clientId,
String  clientTag,
String[]  clientRoles,
String  clientProtocol,
String  connectionId,
String  connectionTag,
String  connectionType 

Initializes a new instance of the fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion class.

frameThe frame.
boundsThe bounds.
userIdThe user identifier.
userAliasThe user alias.
deviceIdThe device identifier.
deviceAliasThe device alias.
clientIdThe client identifier.
clientTagThe client tag.
clientRolesThe client roles.
clientProtocolThe client protocol.
connectionIdThe connection identifier.
connectionTagThe connection tag.
connectionTypeThe connection type.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBounds()

fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getBounds ( )

Gets the bounds.

◆ getClientId()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getClientId ( )

Gets the client identifier.

◆ getClientProtocol()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getClientProtocol ( )

Gets the client protocol.

◆ getClientRoles()

String [] fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getClientRoles ( )

Gets the client roles.

◆ getClientTag()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getClientTag ( )

Gets the client tag.

◆ getConnectionId()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getConnectionId ( )

Gets the connection identifier.

◆ getConnectionTag()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getConnectionTag ( )

Gets the connection tag.

◆ getConnectionType()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getConnectionType ( )

Gets the connection type.

◆ getDeviceAlias()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getDeviceAlias ( )

Gets the device alias.

◆ getDeviceId()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getDeviceId ( )

Gets the device identifier.

◆ getFrame()

fm.liveswitch.LayoutFrame fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getFrame ( )

Gets the frame.

◆ getUserAlias()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getUserAlias ( )

Gets the user alias.

◆ getUserId()

String fm.liveswitch.VideoLayoutRegion.getUserId ( )

Gets the user identifier.