fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo Class Reference

Transport Information. More...

Public Member Functions

String getActiveCandidatePairId ()
 Gets the active candidate pair identifier. More...
fm.liveswitch.CandidatePairInfo[] getCandidatePairs ()
 Gets the candidate pairs. More...
fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo[] getLocalCandidates ()
 Gets the local candidates. More...
fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo getLocalCertificate ()
 Gets the local certificate. More...
fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo[] getRemoteCandidates ()
 Gets the remote candidates. More...
fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo getRemoteCertificate ()
 Gets the remote certificate. More...
fm.liveswitch.TransportReport getReport ()
 Gets the transport report. More...
void setActiveCandidatePairId (String value)
 Sets the active candidate pair identifier. More...
void setCandidatePairs (fm.liveswitch.CandidatePairInfo[] value)
 Sets the candidate pairs. More...
void setLocalCandidates (fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo[] value)
 Sets the local candidates. More...
void setLocalCertificate (fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo value)
 Sets the local certificate. More...
void setRemoteCandidates (fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo[] value)
 Sets the remote candidates. More...
void setRemoteCertificate (fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo value)
 Sets the remote certificate. More...
void setReport (fm.liveswitch.TransportReport value)
 Sets the transport report. More...
String toJson ()
 Serializes this instance to Json. More...
 TransportInfo ()
 Initializes a new instance of the fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo class. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from fm.liveswitch.Info
String getId ()
 Gets the identifier. More...
void setId (String value)
 Sets the identifier. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo fromJson (String transportReportJson)
 Deserializes Json to a TransportReport. More...
static fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo[] fromJsonArray (String transportInfosJson)
 Deserializes an array from JSON. More...
static String toJson (fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo transportReport)
 Serializes an instance to Json. More...
static String toJsonArray (fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo[] transportInfos)
 Serializes an array to JSON. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from fm.liveswitch.Info
static< T extends fm.liveswitch.IEquivalent< T > T[] processArray (T[] newValues, T[] oldValues)
 Processes an array for an info. More...
static fm.liveswitch.NullableBoolean processBoolean (boolean newValue, boolean oldValue)
 Processes a boolean for an info. More...
static boolean[] processBooleanArray (boolean[] newValues, boolean[] oldValues)
 Processes a boolean array for an info. More...
static fm.liveswitch.NullableDouble processDouble (double newValue, double oldValue)
 Processes a double for an info. More...
static fm.liveswitch.NullableFloat processFloat (float newValue, float oldValue)
 Processes a float for an info. More...
static float[] processFloatArray (float[] newValues, float[] oldValues)
 Processes a float array for an info. More...
static double[] processFloatArray (double[] newValues, double[] oldValues)
 Processes a double array for an info. More...
static fm.liveswitch.NullableInteger processInteger (int newValue, int oldValue)
 Processes an integer for an info. More...
static int[] processIntegerArray (int[] newValues, int[] oldValues)
 Processes a integer array for an info. More...
static fm.liveswitch.NullableLong processLong (long newValue, long oldValue)
 Processes a long for an info. More...
static long[] processLongArray (long[] newValues, long[] oldValues)
 Processes a long array for an info. More...
static< T extends Object &fm.liveswitch.IEquivalent< T > T processObject (T newValue, T oldValue)
 Processes an object for an info. More...
static fm.liveswitch.NullableShort processShort (short newValue, short oldValue)
 Processes a short for an info. More...
static short[] processShortArray (short[] newValues, short[] oldValues)
 Processes a short array for an info. More...
static String processString (String newValue, String oldValue)
 Processes a string for an info. More...

Protected Member Functions

void deserializeProperties (String key, String valueJson)
 Deserializes the properties. More...
void serializeProperties (java.util.HashMap< String, String > jsonObject)
 Serializes the properties. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fm.liveswitch.Info
 Info ()

Detailed Description

Transport Information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TransportInfo()

fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.TransportInfo ( )

Initializes a new instance of the fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ deserializeProperties()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.deserializeProperties ( String  key,
String  valueJson 

Deserializes the properties.

keyThe key.
valueJsonThe value in JSON format.

Reimplemented from fm.liveswitch.Info.

◆ fromJson()

static fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.fromJson ( String  transportReportJson)

Deserializes Json to a TransportReport.

transportReportJsonThe serialized Json.
The deserialized TransportReport.

◆ fromJsonArray()

static fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo [] fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.fromJsonArray ( String  transportInfosJson)

Deserializes an array from JSON.

transportInfosJsonThe serialized JSON.
The deserialized array.

◆ getActiveCandidatePairId()

String fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.getActiveCandidatePairId ( )

Gets the active candidate pair identifier.

◆ getCandidatePairs()

fm.liveswitch.CandidatePairInfo [] fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.getCandidatePairs ( )

Gets the candidate pairs.

◆ getLocalCandidates()

fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo [] fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.getLocalCandidates ( )

Gets the local candidates.

◆ getLocalCertificate()

fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.getLocalCertificate ( )

Gets the local certificate.

◆ getRemoteCandidates()

fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo [] fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.getRemoteCandidates ( )

Gets the remote candidates.

◆ getRemoteCertificate()

fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.getRemoteCertificate ( )

Gets the remote certificate.

◆ getReport()

fm.liveswitch.TransportReport fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.getReport ( )

Gets the transport report.

◆ serializeProperties()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.serializeProperties ( java.util.HashMap< String, String >  jsonObject)

Serializes the properties.

jsonObjectThe JSON object.

Reimplemented from fm.liveswitch.Info.

◆ setActiveCandidatePairId()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.setActiveCandidatePairId ( String  value)

Sets the active candidate pair identifier.

◆ setCandidatePairs()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.setCandidatePairs ( fm.liveswitch.CandidatePairInfo[]  value)

Sets the candidate pairs.

◆ setLocalCandidates()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.setLocalCandidates ( fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo[]  value)

Sets the local candidates.

◆ setLocalCertificate()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.setLocalCertificate ( fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo  value)

Sets the local certificate.

◆ setRemoteCandidates()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.setRemoteCandidates ( fm.liveswitch.CandidateInfo[]  value)

Sets the remote candidates.

◆ setRemoteCertificate()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.setRemoteCertificate ( fm.liveswitch.CertificateInfo  value)

Sets the remote certificate.

◆ setReport()

void fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.setReport ( fm.liveswitch.TransportReport  value)

Sets the transport report.

◆ toJson() [1/2]

String fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.toJson ( )

Serializes this instance to Json.

◆ toJson() [2/2]

static String fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.toJson ( fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo  transportReport)

Serializes an instance to Json.

transportReportThe instance to serialize.
Serialized Json.

◆ toJsonArray()

static String fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo.toJsonArray ( fm.liveswitch.TransportInfo[]  transportInfos)

Serializes an array to JSON.

transportInfosThe array to serialize.
The serialized JSON.